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Dad's Army

Series 7

Original Broadcast Date : 15/11 - 23/12/1974

Produced and Directed by David Croft

Episode 1 : "Everybody's Trucking"

After positioning some signposts, the Platoon come across an abandoned in the middle of the road, they try and move it, but Jones van gets stuck, as does Hodges van as well as the Vicar's motorbike and sidecar and a bus full of O.A.P's.

Episode 2 : " A Man Of Action"

Pike manages to get his head stuck through an iron gate, so the platoon take him back to the church hall, with the gate. Meanwhile, a land mine has ripped up 100 yards of railway track and gas and water supplies have also been cut off. Captain Mainwaring decides to declare martial law.

Episode 3 : "Gorilla Warfare"

The platoon are on an exercise pretending to be commandos behind enemy lines trying to rendezvous with a secret agent (Mainwaring), knowing GHQ will have counteragents out trying to stop them, they ignore people, including a doctor who warns them of an escaped gorilla. The counteragent is also dressed as a gorilla and thinks he will ruin Mainwaring's plans. He doesn't and Mainwaring leads the men to victory, after a tangle with the gorilla!

Episode 4 : "The Godiva Affair"

The town is 2000 short of buying a Spitfire, so a procession is planned with the platoon as Morris Dancers. Jones also suspects Mrs Fox of having an affair with the Town Clerk, which is untrue. Mrs Fox is chosen to be Lady Godiva in the procession, but at the last minute finds her wig and leggings have been stolen, by Mrs Mainwaring who is in the procession.

Episode 5 : "The Captain's Car"

The platoon is chosen to be guard of honour to a visiting French general, mainly thanks to Wilson being able to speak it. Lady Maltby donates her Rolls to the war effort and Mainwaring he'll have it as his staff car. There is confusion abound when the car breaks down and is repainted with slow drying black paint, and gets confused with the Mayor's Rolls Royce instead!

Starring Mavis Pugh as Lady Maltby

Episode 6 : "Turkey Dinner"

The platoon accidentally kill a turkey and Mainwaring decides to throw a turkey dinner for the O.A.P's. Mainwaring is due at a later engagement, but decides to help serve the dinner, despite wearing a dinner suit. All goes well until Pike spills the gravy on Mainwaring's suit and Jones tries white paint to cover the stain!