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Dad's Army

Series 5

Original Broadcast Date : 6/10 - 29/12/1972

Produced and Directed by David Croft

Episode 1 : "Asleep In The Deep"

Whilst Walker and Godfrey are on patrol at the pumping station, it is hit by a bomb. The platoon eventually get into the room they are trapped in, but then end up being trapped themselves, a water pipe bursts and the room begins to fill with water. They end up relying on Jones to help them....

Episode 2 : "Keep Young And Beautiful"

Parliament want the younger men in the Home Guard and the older ones in the ARP. The platoon are due for a parade to select those that are to be transferred. Jones, Godfrey and Fraser take drastic action to make them selves look younger, by wearing make up usually worn by the recently deceased. All goes well until it starts to rain...

Episode 3 : "A Soldier's Farewell"

After taking the platoon to the cinema, he is appalled he is the only one who stays for the national anthem. After a cheese supper with Wilson and Jones, he goes to bed and has a dream that he is Napoleon, with the rest of the platoon as his army and foes.

Episode 4 : "Getting The Bird"

Wilson is seen with a pretty young blonde and rumours fly. Walker gets his hands on several dozen pigeons and agrees to help Jones with his meat supply. They hide them in the church organ. Jones is then chosen to play the organ at the church parade on Sunday and feathers literally fly! It is discovered the young blonde seen with Wilson was his daughter.

Episode 5 : "The Desperate Drive Of Corporal Jones"

The platoon take part in a scheme involving live ammunition, but Jones and Godfrey mess up the map references, and Mainwaring and the others in the platoon end up in a barn that is the target for the 25 pounders. It is again up to Jones to come to the rescue just in time.

Episode 6 : "If The Cap Fits...."

Mainwaring is fed up of Fraser moaning about being stuck indoors on useless lectures, especially on a warm summers evening. Mainwaring decides to let Fraser run the platoon for a few days to show him how hard it is and shut him up. The power goes to Fraser's head and he demotes Wilson and Jones and promotes Pike and Walker. Mainwaring puts himself back in charge. 

Episode 7 : "The King Was In His Counting House"

Mainwaring throws a party at his home, which isn't a resounding success. Whilst there, the bank is hit in a raid and they all have to sit counting the money from the banks safe, which amounts to over 96,000. They then have to move it to the Eastgate branch by horse and cart.

Episode 8 : "All Is Safely Gathered In"

Godfrey's old flame Mrs Prentice needs help on her farm to gather in her harvest. The platoon offer and though there is a few mishaps such as Jones falling into the hopper, the harvest is successfully gathered. The vicar holds a service for it, and they all get drunk on potato wine, and start brawling.

Episode 9 : "When Did You Last See Your Money?"

The bank is still suffering from being hit by a bomb, when Jones goes in to deposit 500. He finds out he has lost it and the package contains sausages. Jones panics and thinks he may have put the money in Mr Blewitts chicken, which Mainwaring commandeers to inspect it. It isn't there. Jones is just about to give up his life savings, when the money turns up.

Episode 10 : "Brain Versus Brawn"

The platoon take part in the new Home Guard commando unit and try to prove that brain is indeed better than brawn. Their task is to place a bomb in the OC's office. They get disguised as fireman and get help from the Verger. On the way they get diverted by Hodges and have to attend a real fire.

Episode 11 : "A Brush With The Law"

Hodges prosecutes Mainwaring as a light from the church hall was spotted burning. Mainwaring claims he is innocent and defends himself in court. The verger confesses to Hodges that it was him who left the light burning but Hodges blackmails him into keeping quiet about it. All looks black for Mainwaring until Walker takes the stand and makes a reference to the leading magistrate, Captain Square, about some whisky he supplied to him, which makes Square decidedly uneasy and the case against Mainwaring is dropped.

Episode 12 : "Round And Round Went The Great Big Wheel"

The platoon are on fatigues whilst a new weapon is being tried out. Operation Catherine Wheel is the name of the new invention, which controlled by radio waves. Meanwhile, Pike and Walker skive off to listen to the radio and attract the wheels attention, it giving chase to the platoon, carrying 2000lbs of explosives with it. Jones manages to dangle upside down and cut off it's aerial.

Episode 13 : "Time On My Hands"

Pike rushes into the Marigold Tea Rooms to tell Mainwaring and Wilson that there is a German pilot hanging by his parachute from the town hall clock tower. The platoon head up the tower to help get the man down but Jones breaks the ladder, which was the only route down. They have to decide how to get the pilot and themselves back down!