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It Ain't Half Hot Mum

Series 3

Original Broadcast Date : 2/1 - 6/2/1976

Produced and Directed by Graeme Muir

Episode 1 : "The Supremo Show"

Bombardier Solomon has now gone back to England and the Colonel and Captain Ashwood are in hospital, so the Sgt Major sees this as a perfect opportunity to get the Concert Party sent up the Jungle. Rangi sneaks into the hospital disguised as a male nurse because the colonel finds out that the Supremo is coming and they must put on a show. During the rehearsal, the Sgt Major pushes Gloria (who is dressed as a lady) on a swing too hard and injures his foot. The colonel tells the Sgt Major that he must get them out of trouble as he got them into it, so they can still put on the show, and guess who has to play the girl...

Episode 2 : "Mind My Maharajah"

The Concert Party have to protect The Maharajah from an assassination attempt from one of his sons, or from one of the son's wives. Will it be a son with a gun, or a wife with a knife? They don't know, and the Sgt Major has to pick a "volunteer" to protect him. He chooses Lofty, who promptly faints!

Episode 3 : "Bang Goes The Maharajah"

The assassination doesn't take place during the show they put on, but they are told that one of the Maharajah's son's has planted dynamite under his bedroom, in an old snake pit. Again, Lofty gets "volunteered to get the dynamite, but accidentally sets the fuse alight, and the Sgt Major has to help him out of the pit. It transpires that they have been protecting the wrong Maharajah, when they see the palace across the road blown up.

Episode 4 : "The Grand Illusion"

Gloria is promoted to bombardier. The Sgt Major takes a trip to Bombay and on the way meets an old acquaintance, who brags about his platoon being all over 6 foot tall and "real" men, the Sgt Major does the same. He then finds out that the acquaintance is visiting the camp, which puts the Sgt Major in a panic, because his lie will be revealed. It isn't until Gloria auditions an Indian magician that a solution comes into being and an spell is put upon the visitor...

Episode 5 : "Pale Hands I Love"

The Sgt Major is in love and wants to marry a Chinese girl but his life is threatened by a former boyfriend of the girl, so the Concert Party have to try and protect him. The Sgt Major ends up having to choose a life with the girl and giving up the army or staying in the army and giving up the girl. Which will he choose?

Episode 6 : "Don't Take The Micky"

GHQ decide that any soldier with a university education can be promoted to Sgt, and go for NCO training. The Sgt Major sees this as a way to get rid of Gunner Graham and the Concert Party, and takes Graham out on the town after promoting him to temporary Sgt. The Concert Party slip Graham a "Micky Finn" so that he will get drunk and get arrested and not leave them, but the plan goes wrong and the Sgt Major gets it instead....